ARCHILLES GROUP was established in 1976 as a shipping agent company. From a humble beginning dealing solely in shipping agency, we have grown into a diversified corporate entity that focuses in Tugboats and Barges Operation, Information Technology, Timber Concessionaries, Oil Palm Plantations, Durian Plantations and Nursery & Bird Nests Farming and Harvesting.

Having over 40 years of excellent track records and driven by a group of dynamic management team, we will remain firmly anchored to our founding corporate values of integrity, efficiency and responsible stewardship seeking to lead as an exemplary corporate citizen dedicated to the nation's development.

Beginning in 1976, Founder and self made entrepreneur, Peter Lim Soo Vui, has always had a clear vision with a mission to succeed, and he believes firmly in the principles of integrity, commitment and determination. With that, he had set upon his vision of laying the foundation for Archilles Group from a small shipping agency to become one of the pioneer and leader in the industry of tugboats and barges operation the State of Sabah, Malaysia in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, Peter Lim Soo Vui passed away in 1998 and subsequently passing the baton to his eldest son, Ken Lim Vun Kian.

Commencing in December 1998 BSc Honors of Civil Engineering from University College London, Ken Lim Vun Kian took over the family business and slowly expanded the Group to what it is today. With sheer determination and commitment, Archilles Group under the leadership of Ken Lim Vun Kian began to evolve from solely a shipping agency to actively engaging and contributing in other industries within the State Of Sabah, Malaysia.

Since then, the Group has organically grown to become a conglomerate with operations across various industries under the vision and direction of Ken Lim Vun Kian such as Tugboats and Barges Operation, Timber Concessionaries, Oil Palm Plantations, Durian Plantations and Nursery, Land investment and Properties Development & Bird Nest Farming and Harvesting.

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