Archilles owns and maintains a fleet of river and ocean-going tugs, which are proven performers in the Sabah waters and are available for charter throughout the Sabah region.

Oil palm plantation is the core business for Archilles Group. We engage in oil palm cultivation, harvesting and related operations through our associated companies. Our oil palm estates are currently located in the District of Sandakan and also in the District of Telupid.

Backed by a capable management team and with more than 15 years of solid track record and experiences in this industry, we have managed to consistently produce outstanding yield on a monthly basis and selling our fresh fruit bunches to the surrounding oil mills and collection centre.

With Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standards set to be enforced on all oil palm mills and plantations, we have already prepared our companies for MSPO certification and will actively participate in related training and seminars to ensure continuous improvement plans are in place at all our oil palm plantations.

Moving forward, we are also actively seeking suitable plantations to acquire and to develop in order to increase our current oil palm plantations land bank and hectares to achieve a sustainable economy of scale and in line with our business expansion strategy.

Since the turn of the decade, our management has been looking for organic growth of our Group and we have subsequently identified the development and cultivation of durian plantations to be our next revenue and profit drivers for our Group.

Extensive studies and research has been made to ascertain the prospect of durian plantation business and our management is confident that with the right formula and hands on approach of the business, durian plantations will bear fruits of labour and return on investment for the Group.

Anticipating the growth and future boom of this relatively young industry in Sabah, we strived to be one of the leading pioneer and leader in this field. As such, we have designated a 70 acres of agricultural land located in the main District of Tuaran to be developed into durian plantations by phases and development of the first phase within the land have been completed successfully and our next phase of development, consisting of mixed fruit crops will subsequently commence in due time.

Additionally in the process of our development and cultivation of Durian Plantations, we have identified the shortfall in supply of good and reliable durian seedlings for the local market in the State of Sabah, Malaysia. To cater to the needs of the local market and demand, we have commenced and engage in the business of Durian Seedlings Nurseries and our first durian nursery is designated in the District of Sandakan. Ground work has already been laid and our nursery business has already commenced the sales of durian seedlings (mainly Musang King D197 Seedlings originated from Peninsular Malaysia) successfully to date.

Moving forward, we are looking to gain further hands on experience on fruit crops development and to expand organically via land acquisition and vertical integration to include related downstream products and services in future.

Archilles Group has been actively engaging in the aviary industry via the construction of the first bird nest farm, harvesting and related operations in the year of 2013.

The decision to venture into the business of bird nest farming and harvesting was made by the management taking into account the presence of swiftlets located in the vicinity of our plantations and also our commitment to encourage the organic growth of the Aerodramus species to our environment and to harvest their nests sustainably with minimal impact to the environment. Additionally with the removal of the One Child Policy and growing affluent of the China Economy, this business will generate huge potential and opportunity to enter the international market of China.

To date, we have successfully constructed 3 bird nest farms in our plantations land located in the District of Sandakan and Telupid.

To cope with the rising demand for quality bird nests, the Group will actively be improving our operations and also to look into increasing our bird nest farms and operations in the near future.

Since the turn of the millennium, Archilles Group had actively looked to acquire strategic land for Resort Development, Commercial and Residential Properties Development.

Under the Group, we have acquired prime lands located within the State Of Sabah that have been ear marked for future development. Some of the strategic lands include tourism orientated land held for the purpose of Resort Development while some are strategically located for commercial development.

Moving Forward, we will continue to acquire strategic lands for development and also to commence development of our existing land as part of the Group diversification and expansion growth plan.

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